Thursday 5 July Thu 5 Jul
18:30 H

Team Contract – a practical tool for self-organisation

The “Team Contract” is a powerful tool to ensure alignment, trust, and constructive interaction within a team. As such, it can even be considered the foundation for a healthy and cohesive team culture that fosters high morale, high performance, and, ultimately, high value for all stakeholders.

On one hand, the Team Contract helps team members align around a... shared purpose as well as shared values and behavioural principles. On the other hand, and in order to be an effective instrument, the Team Contract is also designed to remain a living tool that is updated and referred to on a regular basis. Hence, it provides the team with a framework for continuous reflection and learning.

In this meeting we will experience the the creation of a Team Contract for the ResponsiveOrg Zurich MeetUp group, and discuss the potential application of this practical tool in the context of self-organised teams.
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Thursday 13 September - Friday 14 September Thu 13 Sep - Fri 14 Sep
00:00 H

Vernetzt, Entgrenzt, Prekär?

Arbeit im Wandel und in gesellschaftlicher Diskussion – kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven

Tagung in Kooperation mit der Kommission Arbeitskulturenforschung in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde, Universität Zürich, Institut für Sozialanthropologie und Empirische Kutlurwissenschaften (ISEK), Museum Schaffen, Winterthur, Universität Freiburg (KAEE)
Thursday 22 November - Friday 23 November Thu 22 Nov - Fri 23 Nov
00:00 H

Geschichte des digitalen Zeitalters

Konferenz in Kooperation mit dem Lehrstuhl für Technikgeschichte der ETH Zürich und dem Turing Centre der ETH Zürich