Friday 23 March Fri 23 Mar
08:30 H - 10:00 H

Blockchain and the Trust Gap | Skill Share Breakfast

We are very happy to welcome Boris to this Skill Share Breakfast – a digital entrepreneur, and advisor who coaches companies through the digital shift and Blockchain projects. Blockchain is a topic almost everybody has heard about – mainly in the context of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or in the context of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

In this event, Bo...ris will address some of these topics and particularly focus on:
- The difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin
- The growing trust gap in our society and what this has to do with Blockchain
- The concept of Blockchain technology including an overview how a classic Blockchain works
- Existing use cases that already proof the value of this technology
- Blockchain-Q&A
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Wednesday 28 March Wed 28 Mar
17:00 H

Big Data – The Right Path Towards Personalized Medicine?

Big Data, captured in electronic medical records or (innovative) diagnostic tools, provide the medical community with a great opportunity to analyze various pathological conditions at an unprecedented depth for many complex diseases.
Wednesday 28 March Wed 28 Mar
19:30 H

Drohnen überall – Stammtisch mit Res Publik

Beim ersten Stammtisch von Res Publik im Karl ist Julian Surber von Wingtra, einem Startup für Flugrobotik zu Besuch. Das Thema: Drohnen überall!